International Women’s Day – Creating an inclusive environment

Eldorado Gold is committed to safe, inclusive and innovative operations. When we talk about diversity at Eldorado, we mean it in the broadest sense – welcoming diverse people, thinking and ideas.

Internally, we talk about “Inclusive Diversity” because we believe that the more sustainable way to affect change and increase representation over time is to build a culture that consistently demonstrates inclusion towards individuals reflecting any and all facets of diversity. Emphasizing the word inclusion first represents our deliberate focus on that aspect. As humans, a sense of inclusion is something we all want to have – so we use that as common ground in our workplace.

Data has shown that inclusive cultures create opportunities for diversity to flourish and drive creativity and innovation for organizations that embrace it. Every employee at Eldorado should feel comfortable sharing their voice to help build our culture together,” George Burns, President and CEO.

One dimension of inclusive diversity is gender, and on March 8, we will join in the global celebration for International Women’s Day to acknowledge women’s social, economic, cultural, and political achievements. To mark this day, let’s look at how we are creating an inclusive environment at Eldorado.


Inclusive Diversity roadmaps We continue to implement inclusive diversity roadmaps specific to each of our sites and corporate offices to foster a culture of inclusion, improve diverse representation in the workforce, and debias people processes through various means including communication and feedback mechanisms, providing training and experiential development opportunities, and engraining in our talent management systems.
Artemis Project To further representation of women in the procurement function, we are a proud sponsor of Artemis Project. Artemis is an organization that brings together women-led businesses related to mining to accelerate collaboration, innovation, and entrepreneurship for better business outcomes.
International Women in Mining Eldorado is a silver partner of International Women in Mining IWIM as part of our commitment to foster career and leadership opportunities for women in our workforce.
Gender pay equity reviews We continue to conduct gender pay equity reviews using best in class third-party analytic software as part of annual compensation planning to correct any unintended and systemic bias in our compensation processes.


Diversity of hiring Through international recruitment we hired two women engineers from Chile that are now part of the team at Lamaque. We also recently started a blind recruitment process and have women working in a diverse range of departments including mining operations, exploration, administration, technical services, procurement, environment, and mine and plant maintenance.
Supporting the modern family We provide both a daycare placement program and flexible working arrangements at our Lamaque site for employees with children so that families can better support each other professionally and at home. Eldorado Gold Québec has policies tailored to the realities of modern families including hybrid work, telecommuting, flexible scheduling, and the right to disconnect.


Surveying women We funded third-party research conducted by Women on Top (Greece) with women of all ages in local communities to invite feedback around their beliefs, concerns and ideas in key areas, such as economic development, education and entrepreneurship. The women also proposed initiatives and actions to address challenges to promote positive change in their region that will be shared with local government, civil society organizations and private companies.
Diversity Charter At Hellas Gold, we have signed the Diversity Charter. By accepting the terms outlined in the charter, we demonstrate in action our commitment to develop a workplace with equal opportunities free from discrimination.
Promoting women in mining Four women shift engineers in the underground production department at the Skouries project were interviewed to honour the vital contributions of women in the mineral raw materials sector. Their stories, underscoring the pivotal role women play in this field, will be featured in Rawmat.hub, the information hub for the Greek community of raw materials.


Empowering women Implemented the Productive Women, Strong Futures project to empower women socially and economically in a partnership with Women–Friendly Brands.
Recruitment Reducing bias in the recruitment process by removing personal information from resumes; like gender and personal photos.

Happy International Women’s Day! Read more about our approach to Inclusive Diversity here.

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