Our 2016 Year in Review Report is Live!

Here at Eldorado Gold, responsible mining practices are fully ingrained in the way we do business. Our annual Year in Review report is a great way to get an overview of Eldorado’s assets, financial and operational performance, responsible mining practices, and progress on key topics. This year’s report has some new areas of focus you won’t want to miss.

Our Operations

Did you know that Eldorado’s operations span Europe, Turkey and Brazil? For our 2016 Year in Review, we have dedicated a section of the report to provide a timeline, quick facts, operational highlights, and a sustainability overview of each of our high-quality assets.

Countries where Eldorado Gold operates

Our Approach to Responsible Mining

Sustainable Development Goal 9 Eldorado Gold2016 marked an exciting year for Eldorado as we joined the United Nations Global Compact, the world’s largest corporate responsibility initiative. Part of joining the UN Global Compact is committing to advancing the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Together with other industries, Eldorado has the opportunity to positively contribute to these goals. Our report maps out our priorities for achieving specific SDGs, selected to align with the issues our stakeholders are interested in.

SDG 9 encourages building resilient infrastructure, promoting inclusive and sustainable industrialization, and fostering innovation. By prioritizing local procurement and training of suppliers, co-funding and investing in local infrastructure, and creating partnerships with local businesses, Eldorado is making a positive contribution in the communities where we operate.

Our Progress in Key Areas

Our report shares our progress on material topics like how we are:

  • Improving the health and safety of our employees and communities
  • Minimizing our environmental footprint
  • Strengthening our community relations

Tortoise at Eldorado Gold MineIn this section we share stories of improvements and measures of how Eldorado is practicing responsibly.

One example is biodiversity conservation. At our Kişladağ mine, we have studied the mine’s impacts on local flora and fauna in partnership with local universities and environmental consultants. As part of these studies, Kişladağ prepared a Biodiversity Action Plan that outlines the site’s conservation and restoration targets to meet its objective of no net loss of biodiversity due to mining. We are proud that studies to date have determined that no perceptible impacts on biodiversity outside of the direct mining area have occurred.

Check out our 2016 Year in Review for more stories or to learn more about our operations:

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