Taking the Lead in Environmental Monitoring for Gold Mining in Greece

At Eldorado Gold, our environmental monitoring efforts tell us about the health of the natural environment in and around our mine sites. It is an important part of operating responsibly as it lets us know what aspects at site we need to manage to minimise our environmental impacts and comply with environmental regulations.

A Comprehensive Environmental Monitoring Program

In the Halkidiki region, where our Stratoni mine and Olympias and Skouries development projects are located, we have developed one of the most thorough environmental monitoring programs in Europe.

“The program pulls together information from over 320 data points,” explains Emmy Gazea, Head of Environment at our Greek subsidiary, Hellas Gold. “Data collected monitors both environmental elements and operational parameters to give us a full picture of our environmental performance.”

The information captured is used in our quarterly and annual reporting to the Greek government and the European Union, as well as for internal studies to continuously improve our operating practices and mine designs.

An air quality monitoring station in Halkidiki, Greece.
An air quality monitoring station in Halkidiki, Greece.

Real-time Readouts and Third-Party Validation

The program involves real-time instrumentation, in-situ measurements and in-situ sampling, with independent third parties collecting and validating our data, which is reported through an online public database.

“It is a very comprehensive programme” says Emmy. “Monitoring stations are equipped with the most cutting edge equipment to measure data in real time, and we use satellites to send the data to a database which is directly connected to the internet.  With a simple ‘click,’ citizens can learn about the water they drink and the air their family is breathing.

Creek flow monitoring in Halkidiki, Greece
Creek flow monitoring in Halkidiki, Greece

Building Trust Through Transparency

At Eldorado Gold we are proud of our efforts to protect the environment, and to share our performance through public reporting. This level of transparency and external validation are important elements of building strong relationships and trust with our neighbours near our operations.

To learn more about our comprehensive monitoring program in Halkidiki, watch our video.

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