The Skouries project: Environmental Monitoring System

The Skouries project, as part of the overall Kassandra Mines Complex, represents an exciting opportunity for Eldorado. As one of the largest foreign direct investments in Greece, Skouries will enable the country to become one of the leading gold-producing nations in Europe.

With construction over halfway complete, Skouries also provides us with a unique opportunity to incorporate leading sustainability technologies and practices.

To track and monitor impacts on-site, the Kassandra Mines, including Skouries, uses a comprehensive, transparent and publicly available Environmental Monitoring System (EMS). One of the most comprehensive online monitoring systems in Europe, the EMS tracks air, soil and water quality, noise, seismicity and ecology across 400 data points to provide a real-time, continuous and accurate assessment of ongoing environmental performance.

Specifically, the EMS parameters include:

  • Atmospheric environment
  • Ambient air environment
  • Ecology (evolution of flora and fauna)
  • Consumption of raw materials
  • Aquatic environment (drinking water and marine environment)
  • Surface water and groundwater in mines
  • Soil – Noise – Vibration – Dust emission
  • Production
  • Characterization of mining residues

The program, combined with progressive reclamation of the areas where mining activity is completed and the adoption of best-in-class environmental management practices, supports stringent environmental protection standards.

To learn more about sustainability at the Skouries project and in our other operations, read the latest Sustainability Report.

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