Responsibly mined metals for a modern world

Our business is focused on breaking new ground at every stage in the mining life cycle – sustainably and responsibly. From the initial relationships we build with local communities to implementing socially and environmentally responsible closure practices, we seek to find new ways to create value for stakeholders, employees, communities and future generations. 

We’re proudly committed to producing metals that advance sustainable development and contribute to economic growth around the world.  

How our products contribute to society 

The metals we produce comprise many of the materials that make up the modern world. They are critical components of green technologies such as wind turbines, electric cars, solar cells and major infrastructure that are advancing the global transition to a lower-carbon economy.  

Our products create and store value for economies, societies and governments and form an integral part of modern financial systems. Just as our products contribute to a better world, we are committed to producing them in a way that creates positive economic, social and environmental value for all our stakeholders. 

Gold mining is a major economic driver for many countries and jurisdictions around the world. Well-managed, transparent and responsible gold mining can be a major contributor to the socio-economic well-being of host communities through the creation of local employment and business opportunities, as well as investments that seek to benefit community development. 

Our products in action 

To learn more about the metals we produce and our sustainability practices, read the 2022 Sustainability Report.  

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