Our Guiding Principles: At the Core of What We Do

We all have a moral compass. Something that guides us through life, and tells us which direction to go when faced with tough decisions.

At Eldorado five key principles act as our compass. They guide our day-to-day activities and underpin our commitment to doing business the right way. This means being honest and accountable, protecting the environment, keeping our people safe, maintaining good relationships with our stakeholders and giving back to the communities where we operate.

Our guiding principles are at the core of all that we do.

eldorado gold guiding principles1. Act with integrity

We are committed to being honest, straightforward and accountable in all our business practices.

2. Behave responsibly

We strive to demonstrate that mining can be done responsibly. We do this by emphasizing environmental stewardship at every stage of the project life cycle

3. Operate safely

People come first. We implement industry best practices, adhere to all safety regulations and have strict management systems in place to promote a culture of safety wherever we operate

4. Engage openly

We believe that clear, comprehensive disclosure, high standards of corporate governance and ethical business practices are the only way to do business

5. Enrich lives

We aim to create real, lasting and tangible benefits for the people whose lives our operations touch.

To learn more about how our guiding principles are ensuring that Eldorado continues to operate responsibly, read our 2014 Sustainability Report.

Look out for our 2015 Sustainability Report that will be published in the next few weeks!

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