Our Sustainability Framework: Eldorado’s Rock-Solid Foundation

From project inception to operation, closure and continued care, every mine is unique and involves an incredible amount of people from diverse backgrounds to operate responsibly.

But long before first shovels break new ground, our approach begins with an understanding of the framework in which everything we do will be built.  As with any endeavor, a solid foundation strengthens everything else.

At Eldorado Gold, we quite literally “build from the ground up” – and operating sustainably is part of our bedrock – locked into the core of how we do business and woven into our values. How we operate, how we communicate with our stakeholders, how seriously we take our responsibilities, and how we strive to be a great neighbour within our communities – are all parts of our solid foundation.

Our Sustainability Framework

While finding ever better ways to operate has been part of our DNA for more than 25 years, we spent some time last year developing a global Sustainability Framework.

“Our sites have been doing a great job of managing environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues to date, but we had never taken the time to define our global approach to sustainability” explains Jennifer Prospero, our Director, Sustainability.

“The framework builds on our business strengths and has four key pillars, which detail our commitments to operating responsibly,” explains Jennifer.  “Each pillar also outlines material ESG topics, which have been identified through the inputs and expectations of our stakeholders.”

Building on our Strengths

Our Sustainability Framework is grounded on three key strengths.  These serve as the first layer in our foundation:

  1. Our people, who are dedicated to the safe, reliable, and efficient operating of our mines and projects.
  2. Our stakeholders, who provide us the guidance, support, partnerships, and feedback required to effectively plan and make the right decisions.
  3. Our values of collaboration, courage, integrity, drive, and agility – which serve to inspire and bring out the best in all we do.
Image from our sustainability report of employees at Efemcukuru, Turkey, taking water samples for testing from our sustainability report
Employees at Efemçukuru, Turkey, taking water samples

Our Sustainability Commitments

Rising out of our strengths are our sustainability commitments that serve as four key pillars, supporting everything that follows.  These are:

  1. Safe, inclusive, and innovative operations: We foster safe and inclusive workplaces that value diversity, personal growth, and innovation.
  2. Engaged and prosperous communities: We work with our communities in a spirit of mutual respect to grow local economies and deliver lasting opportunities.
  3. Responsibly produced products: We demonstrate respect for human rights and deliver conflict-free, responsibly produced gold.
  4. Healthy environment now and for the future: We take care of our environment through industry-leading practices and technology.
Nursery near Olympias mine, Greece.

Looking Forward

By incorporating sustainability in everything that we do and focusing on our commitments, we believe we will deliver on our purpose to create a positive impact today and for future generations.

Next blog post we’ll unveil our new global sustainability logo and talk more about what “Sustainability from the Ground Up” and responsible mining means to us.

Check back often to hear more about our sustainability efforts as we build up to the launch of our upcoming sustainability report at the end of May.


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