2018 International Health and Safety Week – Video

It has been 6 months since we wrapped up our inaugural International Health and Safety Week. During the week of May 7 – 11, 2018 we hosted talks, competitions, training and other activities across our global sites to raise awareness to the importance of working safely. Members of our senior management team, including George Burns, Eldorado Gold’s President and CEO, and Paul Skayman, our COO, travelled to sites to participate in site activities and to speak about our commitment to safe working practices. International Safety Week was also the perfect opportunity to introduce the Golden Rules Handbook to our workforce, providing education and training on this new Company-wide program that makes our corporate health and safety goals part of everyone’s workday.

Paul Skayman during a site visit in Turkey during International Health and Safety week in 2018.

“Safety is an overarching method of operating, designed to minimize any potential harm to any of our workers or anybody else that is associated on the site,” says Paul Skayman, Eldorado Gold COO. “Safety is not something that you do part of the time, it is has to be done constantly.” 






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