TÜPRAG shines in their first Towards Sustainable Mining verification

Across our operations, our assets adhere to both internal and external frameworks for sustainability standards. Internally, we’ve established our Sustainability Integrated Management System (SIMS), which is a global framework designed with performance-based standards for all Eldorado Gold sites.

SIMS was developed in alignment with many internationally recognized standards, allowing us to simultaneously verify our results with protocols such as the Mining Association of Canada’s Towards Sustainable Mining (TSM) and the World Gold Council’s Responsible Gold Mining Principles. It reflects our commitment to providing safe, inclusive workplaces, engaged and prosperous communities, responsibly produced products, and healthy natural environments through all phases of the mining life cycle.

In 2024, Eldorado Gold is celebrating the successful completion of simultaneous SIMS and TSM standard verifications at our Efemçukuru and Kışladağ operations in Türkiye under our in-country company, TÜPRAG. Conducted in May, this is the first time a TSM verification has been performed in Türkiye in nearly a decade, and the first time ever for Eldorado Gold in last decade country.

Following two weeks of engagement, and external auditing and assurance, our Turkish operations received extremely positive scores. At Efemçukuru, we received AAA scores, signifying excellence and leadership, in Tailings, Health & Safety, Biodiversity, and Indigenous and Community Relationships, and A, AA or AAA scores across all other indicators. At Kışladağ, we received AAA scores in all Health & Safety protocol indicators, and A, AA, or AAA scores across all other indicators. As Kışladağ does not have a tailings facility, it was exempt from the protocol.

“The successful completion of this audit and full implementation of SIMS is a major milestone for Eldorado Gold. We are proud of our results, and we congratulate the TÜPRAG team on achieving a number of leading TSM scores supporting the progress we are making in our sustainability journey. Health, safety and sustainability are everyone’s responsibility, and they are key to our company strategy and Eldorado’s current and future success.”
– George Burns, President & CEO

Eldorado Gold applies TSM protocols across all of our global mining operations, including Canada as a mandatory requirement as a member of the Mining Association of Canada, and in Greece and Türkiye voluntarily. SIMS and TSM compliance verifications were conducted at the Lamaque Complex in 2022 and at the Kassandra Mines in 2023. Notably, we scored AAA, the highest possible score, for Tailings management across all of our operations with tailings facilities.

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