Sustainability from the Ground Up: 2023 Sustainability Report

At Eldorado Gold, we consider sustainability in everything we do, from the relationships we build with local communities to the implementation of socially and environmentally responsible best practices. We are breaking new ground, and we are unafraid to explore new avenues if it means we can find a better path forward.

Today, we’re proud to release our 12th annual Sustainability Report. This report highlights the significant progress made on our goals this year, including reaching key milestones on initiatives that will drive Eldorado forward, creating value today and for future generations.

We were humbled that our efforts received a number of external award recognitions in 2023. In Europe, our team received the Euromines Silver Safety Award for innovation and efforts to mitigate risks in the industry. In Greece, Hellas Gold received two awards for the development and implementation of new safety systems. In November, we received the Outstanding Achievement Award for Project Financing at the Resourcing Tomorrow Awards. We were also proud to be included in the Globe and Mail’s 2023 Board Games, in recognition of our governance and disclosure practices.

In May 2023, we held our second SIMS compliance verification at the Olympias mine in Greece. In collaboration with our Hellas Gold team on the ground, our global team of subject matter experts conducted interviews, document reviews and extensive tours and inspections of the mine site. In June, Olympias received minimum Level A or Yes across nearly all Mining Association of Canada Towards Sustainable Mining (MAC-TSM) performance indicators, including Level AAA for Biodiversity Conservation Management and Tailings Management.

Last year, we also introduced exciting new technologies that will not only improve health, safety and sustainability, but contribute to a better business and most importantly, a better world. Notably, in Quebec, we introduced our first electric ore haul truck at the Lamaque Complex – a first in the Canadian province. Lamaque is already our lowest GHG-emitting operational mine, benefitting from Quebec’s abundance of hydroelectricity and the implementation of on-site energy efficiency projects. An additional electric haul truck was delivered in the first quarter of 2024, and once fully operational, the trucks are expected to mitigate 1,700 tCO2e of GHG emissions per year.

More highlights from this year, by the numbers, include:

There are numerous other stories of innovation and collaboration from our teams around the world – and we hope you’ll take the time to read them in our 2023 Sustainability Report.

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