Revealing Gold’s Role in Greek Culture: Hellas Gold Supports the Benaki Museum

Gold earrings with hanging Cupids

The use of gold in art, religion and currency, spans centuries and touches almost every known culture.

Gold’s lustrous colour and its properties as a malleable precious metal have helped it become representative of immortality, wealth and power in many ancient cultures. Gold in ancient Greece was viewed as a powerful symbol – of social status, to ward against evil, and in celebration of the gods.

A new sponsorship collaboration aimed at highlighting the role of metals in Greek art and culture, from antiquity to the present day, was launched earlier this year by the Benaki Museum  and Eldorado Gold’s Greek subsidiary, Hellas Gold.

Visitor Engagement

Large copper-alloy lamp from Egypt, with openwork handle in the form of a cross

Erika Xirouchaki, Hellas Gold’s Corporate Communications and Public Relations Manager welcomes the collaboration with the Museum and the opportunity for members of the public to learn more about the role gold has played through the centuries. “Visitors can learn about the importance of gold and metals in society and culture in Greece and other regions, and view some beautiful and intricate artifacts. The Museum attracts over 450,000 visitors per year and offers a range of activities serving various educational and social needs, so we’re delighted to help promote this experience for the Museum’s visitors.”

The Benaki Museum was founded in 1930 in Athens and is the most active museum institution in Greece, supporting scientific research in the fields of history, archeology and the study of material culture, architecture, photography, visual and performing arts and literature.

Macedonian necklace of bronze biconical beads

Arranged across seven buildings open to the public, the Museum’s collections are extremely diverse, featuring four archives, an extensive library and over 500,000 works of art, books, photographs, and rare documents.

“In this sponsorship collaboration, Hellas Gold supports the work of the Benaki Museum in the preservation and promotion of precious metal relics in the Museum’s collections,” Erika continues, noting the wide variety of exhibits available.   Selected objects made of gold, silver, lead and copper are highlighted and through them the importance, usefulness and symbolism of metals over time are revealed, as well as the roles they played in multiple aspects of social and cultural life over the ages.

Anniversary Celebrations

Gold serpent bracelet, from the collection of the Benaki Museum. The conservation of selected metal artifacts exhibited in the Museum is supported by Hellas Gold

In addition, the Benaki Museum will present a special pop-up exhibition with the support of Hellas Gold, dedicated to Greek jewelry of the 17th-19th century from mainland Greece and Asia Minor. The sponsorship of Hellas Gold also includes special activities in 2021 in celebration of the 200th anniversary of the Greek Revolution, with the Museum as the official reference body.


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