Mental Health Matters

May 1st to 7th is Mental Health Week in Canada. This year’s mental health week theme is My Story. Storytelling is a fundamental part of being human. It helps us build connections and supports mental health in our personal lives, workplaces, and communities, reducing stigma.

At Eldorado, we work hard to foster a work environment where employees can be at their best and where their physical and mental health are supported. We recognize the importance of supporting mental health and well-being for our people, as the strength and resilience of our people allows us to deliver on our strategy.

While we all may not experience mental illness in our lifetime, we all have mental health, which includes our emotions, feelings of connection to others, thoughts and feelings, and managing life’s highs and lows. It’s clear that paying attention to and talking about our mental health can make a difference. For Eldorado, it can help us deliver on our commitments of safe and inclusive workplaces, which includes fostering psychological safety in our workplace. Part of building psychological safety is ensuring our workforce has the psychological and social support needed to manage our mental health.

Through a variety of resources and programs, we are prioritizing employee health and well-being. This is underpinned by a supportive and inclusive environment that enables everyone to be their best. Below are a few resources available to our people:

  • Respectful Workplace Policy: this policy articulates our commitments and expectations for a physically and psychologically safe work environment where everyone treated with respect, decency, and dignity, and where harassment, discrimination, and workplace violence in all forms are prohibited.
  • Not Myself Today: a Canadian mental health program that aims to break down mental health stigma by encouraging open dialogue and understanding of mental health challenges. This program offers a number of resources available to support conversations about mental health at work.
  • Employee and Family Assistance Program (EFAP): employees in Canada have access to this program which provides flexible counselling services and resources on a range of topics for self-directed support. EFAP is fully confidential, with 24/7 access to tools to help employees and their families through challenges they may be facing.

Creating a safe and inclusive environment takes all of us. We’re proud of the resilience of our people and will continue to identify ways we can support and prioritize their mental health and well-being.

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