From the Ground Up: Our 2022 Sustainability Report

This spring, we celebrated the 31st anniversary of Eldorado’s incorporation on April 2, 1992. From our early beginnings with a single mining project to the global company we are today, we have maintained a strong health, safety and environmental track record. Sustainability is, and always has been, core to who we are and a pillar of our company strategy. 

Today, we’re pleased to release our 11th annual Sustainability Report, which showcases our commitment to implementing sustainability from the ground up to build a safe, sustainable, high-quality business in the gold mining sector, creating value today and for future generations.  

During the year we further advanced our strategy into action across the global sites. Notably, at Lamaque, we conducted our first ever Sustainability Integrated Management System Compliance Verification. Additionally, in 2022, we completed the rollout of our Respectful Workplace Policy in all areas our operations, to articulate Eldorado’s commitments and expectations for a physically and psychologically safe work environment that is free from harassment, discrimination, and workplace violence. 

“As we look forward, we will continue to build on our solid foundation, learning from our collective experience to elevate, innovate and find better ways for sustainable mining practices.”

— George Burns, President & CEO, Eldorado Gold

The result of dedication and innovation from employees around the world, the 2022 Sustainability Report not only provides an in-depth, transparent review of sustainability in our operations, but demonstrates the achievements and progress we have made as a company. 

Some of our 2022 highlights include:  

We consider sustainability in everything we do, from exploration to closure, and strive to deliver positive impacts as we break new ground. We encourage you to learn more about sustainability in our operations by reading the full 2022 Sustainability Report and visiting our site, Sustainability from the Ground Up. 

Stay tuned to our blog, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn channels for more Eldorado Gold sustainability stories from around the world, coming up soon. 

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