Environmental Monitoring In Action

Last week we talked about the importance of environmental monitoring practices at our mines. This week we’d like to show you!

Here are a few snapshots of our environmental teams in action at sites in China (Jinfeng) and Turkey (Efemçukuru and Kişladağ).

Air quality testing at Efemcuruku mine site as part of our environmental monitoring in action.
A technician maintains one of the air-testing stations at our Efemçukuru mine site. These stations constantly monitor air quality around the operation.
Dust testing at Kisladag mine site
An employee gathers data for dust testing at our Kişladağ mine site. Dust testing allows us to measure the level of airborne particles near our facilities
Soil sampling at Kisladag mine site helps with our environmental monitoring.
Employees collect soil samples at our Kişladağ mine site. Regular soil testing lets us measure our impacts by comparing the area’s current condition with baseline data.
Noise sampling at Kisladag mine site
Noise sampling at our Kişladağ mine site lets us measure the impact of sound on the local environment. Noise can impact local wildlife and nearby residents.
Air quality testing at Kisladag mine site is part of our monitoring in action.
An employee gathers data for air quality testing at our Kişladağ mine site. Air quality measures are regularly compared against previous months’ data, as well as initial baseline tests.
Meteorology station at Kisladag mine site
At our Kişladağ mine site, our meteorology station lets us monitor weather conditions in the area. Monitoring the weather gives us baseline data and advance warning of weather patterns that could affect our site.
Environmental rehabilitation at Kisladag mine site
After an area’s operations come to an end, we have a responsibility to rehabilitate the land. At our Kişladağ mine site, areas that we no longer use have been reclaimed and returned to their natural condition.
Lab testing at Efemcukuru mine site
At our Efemçukuru mine site technicians process a variety of soil, air and water samples. The results of these tests let us evaluate and compare environmental conditions year-round.
Water testing at Kisladag mine site
Employees collect water samples at our Kişladağ mine site. Later, these samples will be processed in our testing lab.
Water treatment plant at Efemcukuru
72% of the water we use at our Efemcukuru mine site is recycled. Our state-of-the-art water treatment plant maximizes the amount of water that can be reused.
Water testing at Jinfeng mine site
At our Jinfeng mine site, a technician tests water samples collected around the site. The results of these tests are essential for guiding our operations in the area.
Water sampling at Jinfeng mine site
An employee collects water samples at our Jinfeng mine site. Multiple samples from a variety of locations gives us a more accurate measure of the area’s environmental health.

Wherever we operate, environmental monitoring helps us make better decisions that make sense for both our business and the environment.

To learn more about how we manage and protect our natural environment, and to read case studies on how we’re putting environmental management into practice, visit our site’s Our Environment section.

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