Creating a stronger future for women in mining through mentorship

As we celebrate International Day of Women in Mining on June 15, we’re pleased to share that as a corporate sponsor of International Women in Mining (IWiM), Eldorado Gold is once again participating in the International Women in Resources Mentoring Programme (IWRMP). This is our fourth consecutive year taking part in the program.

Seven years of resource mentorship

Launched in 2018, IWRMP has supported 400 mentees based in over 40 countries around the world and awarded over 60 scholarships. IWRMP aims to empower and promote women working in resources to navigate industry challenges and progress their careers, offering the confidence for achievement and leadership to make their mark in the industry. It is a collaboration between IWiM and project delivery partner Metisphere.

The annual six-month program pairs mentees with seasoned industry professionals who provide guidance and support. The program is based on a three-stage framework (initiation, cultivation, transition) and includes a facilitated introduction, six to eight mentoring sessions, five training modules and networking opportunities, a mid-program consultation and a final evaluation survey.

The value of mentorship

Mentoring is proven to be one of the best accelerators and retention tools for female talent.  Eldorado has participated in IWRMP’s women’s mentoring program since 2021. To date, seventeen women have participated in the program or are currently participants.

Through IWRMP, our mentees gain the skills and knowledge needed to thrive in the resources sector. Last year, 82% of IWRMP mentees agreed that participating in IWRMP had helped their careers, with 38% subsequently receiving workplace promotions.

What participants have to say

The 2024 IWRMP session is already underway, having begun in mid-April. This year, we have five team members participating as mentees.

“It’s very exciting for me to be chosen for this program. I hope that through the program and with the benefit of my mentor’s business experience, I will discover the aspects of myself where I can improve. I believe that developing my professional business network by meeting other women in the mining industry will contribute to my career.”  ~ Sevin Uzer, Surveyor Engineer, Kışladağ

“I’m participating in the mentorship program to support my growth as a person and as a professional. I love to learn from others, from their experiences, and I want to develop additional skills. I’m also excited to learn from other mentees with different cultures, different values and different experiences from all around the world.” ~ Marie-Josée Cyr, Superintendent, Finance and Administration, Lamaque

“The mentoring program will allow me to make crucial career-improving decisions and set fresh goals. I’m excited about connecting with many women in the mining industry. This experience will be incredibly valuable, and I’m genuinely thankful for the opportunity. Congratulations to the organizers for their great work.” ~ Marina Kitsaki, Safety Engineer, Olympias

“I was included in this program with the support and encouragement of my managers. It’s a testament to the value our company attaches to social sustainability in the mining sector and its belief in diversity and equality between women and men.” ~ Sare Ayca Cimen, Senior Metallurgy Engineer, Efemçukuru

“The program is providing us a space to explore our experiences with different countries, operations or disciplines of our female peers. The program is definitely encouraging us to speak up and learn from each other.” ~ Ilke Erdem, Process Technical Services Superintendent, Kışladağ

A word from our mentors

At Eldorado, we also have team members who act as mentors in the IWRMP program. Being selected as a mentor is a testament to the individual’s knowledge, skills and abilities. This year, we’re proud to have Paul Ferneyhough, Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, and Niklas Frank, Senior Vice President, Operations, participating as mentors to women at companies in Africa and South America respectively.

“It is a great honour to be asked to participate as a mentor in the IWRMP programme. I find it inspiring to meet and work with female talent in the mining industry and the programme offers me the opportunity to work collaboratively with my mentee and pass on my experiences in the workplace, thereby supporting the mentee as they take on new challenges and continue on their professional development journey.” Paul Ferneyhough, Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

“I am honored to take part in the IWRMP program as a mentor and look forward to continuing to interact with my mentee, a very talented young professional based in South America. It is an opportunity for me to gain insights from a younger generation of professionals and to give back to the mining industry, which has provided me so many opportunities for professional and personal growth.” Niklas Frank, SVP, Operations

Learn more about the International Women in Resources Mentoring Programme and read the 2023 Impact Report.

Advancing gender equality – abrogation of Convention 45

As we celebrate International Day for Women in Mining, we are also pleased that the International Labour Organization (ILO) recently made a groundbreaking move by officially abrogating Convention 45, a 1935 restriction barring women from underground mining. This historic decision eliminates outdated barriers, marking significant progress towards gender equality in mining. The abrogation follows years of advocacy, recognizing that gender should not limit employment opportunities.

As a company committed to diversity and inclusion, we are thrilled to embrace this change and look forward to the increased participation of women in all roles within our mines. The abrogation of Convention 45 aligns with our approach to Inclusive Diversity where we believe diverse and inclusive teams are a competitive advantage for Eldorado.

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