Image from our sustainability report of employees at Efemcukuru, Turkey, taking water samples for testing from our sustainability report

2019 Sustainability Report – Our Commitment and Progress

Employee recording plant varieties at Olympias, Greece, from our sustainability report
Employee recording plant varieties at Olympias, Greece

Taking a fresh approach to challenges and finding ever better ways to operate is part of Eldorado Gold’s DNA. What sets us apart is our agility in responding to our constantly changing world, our courage to think and do things differently, and our drive to find solutions to build a better future.

We call this ‘breaking new ground’ and this is what we aim to do every day.

Throughout Eldorado’s 27 years of operation, this desire to think outside of the box has led us to implement new and innovative safety protocols and help keep our people out of harm’s way. It has led us to adopt new technologies that have reduced our environmental impacts and made our operations safer.

And, it has enabled us to find a path forward with our partners and to work together to create opportunities beyond our mines.


Our 2019 Sustainability Report offers valuable opportunities for us to engage our stakeholders, respond to questions, and further focus our sustainability and social responsibility efforts.

“I am delighted that we have just published our 2019 Sustainability Report, detailing our economic, environmental and social performance,” said Jennifer Prospero, Eldorado’s Director, Sustainability.

“Transparency in all levels of reporting is fundamental to building and maintaining trust amongst our stakeholders. We are continually improving the relevance and accessibility of our sustainability reporting.”

Our 2019 Sustainability Report includes information on:

  • Our Approach to Responsible Mining
  • Materiality
  • Responsible Performance
  • Providing Decent Work
  • Working with Communities
  • Respecting the Environment

Responsible Production

Eldorado is committed to responsibly producing gold and other metals that offer a wide range of uses. Our products are essential elements in a variety of goods that advance sustainable development and contribute to economic growth around the world. We focus on producing gold and other metals responsibly.  All of our gold-producing sites receive independent assurance under the World Gold Council’s Conflict-Free Gold Standard.

Performance Standards

“We have also begun the development of a global sustainability management system. It will provide a common set of performance standards by which we will operate,” continued Jennifer.  “This system will incorporate world-class responsible mining frameworks, such as the Mining Association of Canada’s Towards Sustainable Mining program. It will allow us to harmonize our existing systems by improving efficiencies and consistency across our businesses.”

Our global teams are working to develop this program and look forward to implementation in 2021.

As we combine our passion for continuous improvement in all aspects of our business, with a focus on building a positive legacy for our stakeholders, we continue to put people first, integrate sustainability into our decision-making, and make the most of the opportunities before us.


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