Our Inspiring Leaders: Fabiana Chubbs, CFO

Fabiana Chubbs, our CFO, knew she was headed for a career in finance as early as grade eight, when she realized that she had a knack for numbers. Strong mentorship along the way helped her achieve her goals and led her to the mining industry.

“The best professional advice I ever got was to decide what you like and want to do, then go out and get that certain skill set,” she says. “I wanted to be a CFO and I saw I lacked the skills of a Treasurer.” So she found her way to Eldorado Gold to learn the role of Treasurer and in a few years moved up to CFO.  Fabi was named BC CFO of the Year in 2013.

Fabiana Chubbs, Eldorado Gold CFO

Fabi receiving the BC CFO of the Year award.

Now as a veteran of both accounting and mining, she shares her experience through a mentoring program specifically for women in mining.

“Accounting is not just about the numbers. It’s about understanding the business strategy and always thinking ahead,” she says. And on the mining side, “it’s fascinating to see how something can transform from a rock to a precious metal like a bar of gold. And then how that gold is used in products from computers to medical equipment.”

Fabiana encourages women at all stages of their career to consider mining. “I’ve gotten to travel the world meeting our finance team. The people in the mining industry come from such diverse backgrounds but they all seem to be down to earth and value community. They help each other out when the going gets tough.”

Eldorado Gold's finance team

Eldorado Gold’s global finance team.

Rising to challenges whether professionally or personally is nothing new to Fabi. Since moving from Argentina to make her home in Vancouver in 1996, she has embraced Canadian activities such as curling. “I proved to be a miserable failure at hockey,” she laughs. “So, curling it was.”

Her biggest piece of advice is simple: “Be yourself. Don’t fit someone else’s model. Know your strengths and weaknesses and work with them.”

Fabiana Chubbs, Eldorado Gold CFO

Moving from Argentina and adapting to life in Canada included embracing winter sports like snowshoeing and curling for Fabi.

We will be showcasing more inspirational leaders from across our global operations soon.  Stay tuned!

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